Unfinished thoughts – The Conclusion

Editors note – This is raw and unedited. I don’t believe in going back and editing my writing. I want to let it breathe for the reader, and for them to accept it for what it is.

There are over six billion people on this planet, over six billion minds, six billion hearts, six billion souls…. There are souls right now that are lost, there are souls right now waiting to be found…. Some are finding there way home, while some are leaving for war. Some are chasing their dream and others have achieved their dream at this very moment.

Are you chasing your dream? Have you ever thought what would happen, if you obtained that dream? Some go their whole life chasing their dream; some give up half way through and settle with what they have. What if you woke up one morning and everything you dreamed of was yours. What if you found out that it was not enough? What if you realized that you already had everything, you ever wanted but had cast it a side? Would it be too late then to make things right, and start living your life? On the other hand, would you look back with regret the rest of you life?

Would you blame the choices you made? Circumstances? Fate? Would you be bitter and say, that life wasn’t fair to you?

Well, life isn’t fair, life is what you make it to be, and you can make it to be everything you want it to be right now. You can believe that you’ll have the rest of you life to make things right, but the rest of your life can be a really long time…the rest of your life could start right now…


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