Unfinished thoughts – They continue (#2)

Editors note: This hasn’t been edited, or proof read…

Do you believe that one conversation can change your life? Can one conversation change the world? With one conversation, we can inspire change, but on the other hand, with one conversation change can be destroyed. We go by in life day by day not realizing the effect we have on the world around us. We think that what we say, and what we do is irrelevant as long as we are happy. We think, “ There are six billion people on this planet, how important am I really?” We dismiss the notions that are actions, or our words matter…

We get lost in the monotony of life.

We wake up, we go to work, we come home from work, we go to bed, Rinse and repeat… Some of us might have kids to take care of, while others will get together with friends to pass the time.

To drink.

To smoke.

To try to drown our sorrows and stresses away…

Some of us our content with all of the above… Some of us want some different…something to change….

Throughout all of this, the daily routines, the stresses, the drama that we have accepted as being the norm, we don’t consider the impact our words can have on the life of someone else. We don’t consider the impact that smallest action we commit can have on someone.

Someone that may be looking for a little inspiration.

A little hope.

Just a little bit of faith.

We look at the world selfishly.

“How can I get ahead at work”?

“Do I have enough money to buy that Burberry polo?”

“Do I have enough money to go on a cruise?”

I could go on for days….

When the reality is we control it all.

The reality is these thoughts if expressed could change the world…

Is what we think worth suppressing, or is it the time now for us to expose ourselves? To strip ourselves of the masks we hide behind…  Whether they are expensive clothes, illegal drugs, or alcohol. We hide ourselves.

We bury what’s within our hearts, and instead of sharing what we think; we hide in fear of rejection or being misunderstood. When one thought could reach someone and pull him or her out of there shell, one thought could make someone feel like they belong. One thought could make someone feel like they have a purpose.

We hide.

We suppress the truth, and in doing so we hide whom we really are.

We are afraid to let people in… We keep people at an arms length at all times…

We call the people in our lives friends, but are they really? If you have to hide within yourselves, hide your thoughts; were they ever your friends to begin with? We share the good, but are afraid to share the ugly, when the ugliness in our lives defines us…. How we persevere, and how we handle those situations defines our character. It’s easy to be happy when we are wealthy or feel loved, but finding the happiness in being alone, poor and who you are shows your real strength.


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