Unfinished Thoughts – Part One

They say life is a journey, they say it’s not about getting to your destination, but the choices we make, and the experiences we go through to reach our destinations that define us. Do you ever take a moment to reflect on your life? To reflect on the person that you’ve become? Do you ever wonder how different your life could have been had you made one different choice? Maybe two? They say that every journey is a complicated one… They say the roads are littered with broken dreams, and broken hearts…They say that some people do not make it all the way; they say some that do, but with great sacrifice.  They also say that the fights and the struggles we go through make it all worthwhile. We’ll never know…not unless we keep pushing through life to reach our destination.

Is the person you are today, the person you thought you would be? At this moment, you are growing into the person you will be tomorrow, and yesterday, you grew into the person you have become today. We tend to look at our friends, and our family, and judge them by there past instead of looking at there present. We ask people to change; do we give them the chance to change? We think of what could have been, or should have been, instead of what could be, and what’s right in front of our very eyes. We let our emotions blind us, and our impatience cloud us. Everyone is in control of there own destiny, but quite a few let it all slip away through the commotion of life. Some are lost right now trying to find there way back, some are fighting to barely holding on. Some are fighting to figure out who they are: while some are struggling to find their place.

Have you ever thought to yourself that you’re not the person you thought you would be? Have you ever considered how quickly it could all change? Your life? Who are you? What you believe in? Or are you to naive to think that any of that is possible? Do you even think it’s possible for it all to change?



All it takes is one conversation, one thought and everything can

– Written by: Andrew –

– Sept 26, 2013 –

– Editors notes: Written quickly and not edited or proof read –


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